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Common Air Duct Problems

11/09/2013 Back To Blog

We often hear relatives and friends complaining about continuous headaches, fatigue and allergic symptoms and they cannot explain the reasons. They only know that doctors cannot find medical issues and the symptoms begin when they enter their homes. The cause is standing just feet away from them since dirty air ducts are the usual suspects of contaminated indoor environments. The indoor air quality home is changing literally under their nose but they cannot feel it right away or detect the origins of the developing problems since the pathogenic organisms are microscopic and most of them are hiding in the dark parts of the air ducts.Air Duct Cleaning Company 24/7 Services


Identifying the first signs

  • Is your thermostat on all the time and never rests? Are you wondering why the HVAC system never reaches the desired temperatures? In these cases, there is something wrong with your system and you might want to ask yourself: when was the last time you did HVAC maintenance?
  • One of the first signs is the development of allergies or unexplained fatigue, headaches and red eyes. Do you have health issues only when you are at home? You should give priority to air duct cleaning because the concentrated dirt is directed right at your lungs.
  • Do you pay more for electricity? If you cannot explain why the bills have hit the roof, you need to clean the ducts well. In fact, the experts from air duct cleaning Laguna Niguel insist that this is due to damaged ducts and you cannot escape air duct repair service if you want to stop losing energy and paying high bills.
  • Does your house stink even if you keep the windows open? Concentrated humidity in combination with gathered dirt will encourage the growth of mildew and bacteria. Bad odors will come out of the ducts and never go away until you complete air duct and HVAC unit cleaning.


Basic steps for duct cleaning

  • Use the vacuum cleaner to remove excessive dust and dirt
  • Clean well the mold and the filters and check with a flashlight the condition of the ducts.
  • Try to understand whether the insulation and sealing of the air ducts are destroyed. It will make a difference to the indoor temperatures and you might have to do air duct coating repair.
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