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Frequently asked questions about the air duct cleaning process! Find out the right answers to queries connected with cleaning ducts and its benefits here. Learn the great effects of air duct cleaning to energy efficiency and how often it's best to clean them.

How does cleaning improve energy efficiency?

Many people don’t consider the implications of cleaning for a greener lifestyle. However, regular cleaning can actually be a positive and proactive step towards greater energy efficiency. This is because the build-up of dirt and debris which accumulates in the ducts restricts air flow. This makes your system work even harder and it will expend more energy to maintain the temperature. Cleaning removes this obstruction and ensures that your system has full air flow, making it far more energy efficient.

How often should I clean my air ducts?

The standard recommendation for cleaning is every three to five years. This can depend on the specifics of your particular home including frequency of use, size of system and whether there are any pets in the home. Air Duct Cleaning Laguna Niguel recommends that you should be aware of signs which can indicate a need for more frequent cleaning. These include any signs of mold on the ducts or increased amounts of dust on surfaces. These are signs that air quality is compromised and cleaning is needed.

Why don't I get the right temperatures at home?

Your home is not properly insulated and the HVAC system must be checked for possible problems. According to the experts at Air Duct Cleaning Laguna Niguel, it is most likely due to damaged ducts. Prepare yourself for air duct repair with good sealing and insulation products. Your goal is to cover the cracks and holes, which allow air to escape, and do air duct coating repair for better insulation efficiency.

Will air duct deodorizing get rid of the odor in my living room?

Air duct deodorizing’s main purpose is to remove any scent present in the air. Clean air should be scentless, unless air freshener is used. However, our experts say that good-smelling air does not necessarily mean that it’s clean.

Should I close all HVAC registers during home improvement?

You need to close only the ones in the rooms where work actually takes place. This is crucial for protecting the ducts from contamination with dust, dirt and debris. At the same time, at least 80 percent of the registers should be opened to prevent the HVAC system from straining. That is why it is important to plan and schedule every home improvement job carefully.

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